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Worth & Worth has been producing handcrafted hats since 1922 and are still using the same century-old techniques today.  For a quality and timeless hat, Worth & Worth is the go-to destination.  With styles from fur-felt fedoras to wool caps and fur hats to Montecristi straw; these truly are heirloom pieces.

Worth & Worth fur-felt is handcrafted in a small Italian village located in a valley at the foot of the Alps.  Pure glacier water from the Cervo River is used to wash and soften the felt resulting in the lightest, densest fur felt on the market.  Their straw is hand-woven in Ecuador making each piece completely unique; coupled with a light transluscent and ultra-wearable quality.  Each piece is then handcrafted at their 57th Street workshop in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.  From Paul Simon to the King of Tonga, Worth & Worth has made hats for various celebrities.  They prize themselves on being just as accessible to the blue collar client as they are to “A-Listers”.

The attention to detail in Worth & Worth’s hat-making process is second to none, earning them an established worldwide reputation.  For truly luxurious pieces made with stellar craftsmanship Worth & Worth hats fit the bill.

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